Monday, July 27, 2015

Saturday Morning Parade

My Saturday mornings of fawn spotting are now over. Tomorrow (the 28th) I undergo knee replacement surgery. I ask for your prayer support for the surgery to go well, and that I will be diligent in the physical therapy exercises.

I normally go fawn spotting through August, but I can't complain. I've snapped some nice pictures this year.  I may miss a blog or three while I'm recuperating so I dedicate this post to all the fawn snaps I so enjoy capturing! God always gives you the desires of your heart if your heart is one with His.

Loved the way I saw only the head and ears! Not positive this is a fawn, but I like it anyway!

The thrill of a moment!

Are you babysitting or did you adopt?

Tender moments.

Quiet scenes

Everything alright?

She gave a kick at another doe and then made sure she didn't return.

Hello little one.

An unexpected snap on the way to the grocery store.

A little one indeed! What a thrill!

My you look pretty!

Little one follows Mom into the woods.
Another lovely moment between doe and fawn.
I got to watch them for 10 minutes as they ate and walked around.
Reminds me of my girls always sticking together!
I find my Saturday morning fawn spottings to be relaxing and peaceful. Watching them play and walk around with Mom is a delight!
Thanks so much for your prayers to come. Surgery's at 7:30 am tomorrow, the 28th. I'll be back soon with one good knee! One to go.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Heart Loyalty and Motorcycles

                                My first bloom on the new hibiscus bush! Lovely indeed!
Job possessed heart loyalty. Those were the words I read in a Bible study lesson written by James T. Draper. Those words certainly aren't a new idea, but one that needs to be revisited during a crucial and needy time in America.
I like that. Heart loyalty.
The question is: "What are you loyal too?" No matter what answer you give, your number one loyalty should be to God. Always has been and always will be.
Are you devoted to God? Live for God? Would you die for God? As our country and world continues its vigorous spiral downfall, who are you loyal too?
My heart breaks as I see our country continue to abandon and overrule God. For as smart a nation as we are, it appears we haven't learned from history. A nation once great slowly collapses. And it's going faster all the time.
Being loyal to God isn't a hard thing. It's truly a heart issue. You either stand for Christ or you don't. Once you've made your decision, loyalty is easy.
I've lost a lot in my life because of my stand for Christ, and it hurts. Yet I stand for what I believe and have no regrets of that choice.
Once your heart is settled, no matter what happens in this life, you stand behind the living God where all things are possible--even the impossible.
" . . . I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received." Ephesians 4:1
The call in this day and age is: "Who are you loyal too?" Job possessed heart loyalty. I've made my choice. What about you? 
As promised . . .

I took my first motorcycle ride in 40 years! All because of an innocent comment Jerry said to a friend. We have at least two men at church who ride motorcycles and Jerry was having a conversation with them. He innocently said, "You should ask Carol if she'd like a motorcycle ride"?

Guenther Drowsky, better know as Ender, came over and asked me if I'd like to ride. First I was shocked Jerry would even say that. But over the course of the next few weeks it was definitely on my mine. When I told Ender I was having knee replacement surgery on the 28th, he said "let's do it now!"

We scheduled it for the next Thursday morning at 10, which turned out to be a beautiful day with temps in the high 50s early that morning. Yes folks, this is the middle of July.

I remember the motorcycle ride I took in my 20s. We went down the Florida Keys, the Blue Ridge Parkway, up into Pennsylvania, and to Sugarloaf Mountain. Dick, Nolan and Gil let this city girl have the thrill of a motorcycle ride.

Ender took me on back country roads, never going above 40. The sun shone, the sky was lovely and the ride was fun. I almost felt like I was 26 again. I burst out laughing twice for the sheer joy of it!

It was a thrill, but once is enough. I don't think me and my body could do this on a regular basis. Thank you, Ender, for taking this older woman on a ride from yesteryear!


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

One of Those Books

The other day I was on Bonnie Mohr's website, She is an artist and author in Minnesota. I've purchased some of her note cards and art work in the past. She draws of rural America, especially cows. I noticed she'd written a children's book, and I was interested!
Some words from her website:

"From her peaceful, rural American paintings to her poetic and inspirational images she creates, the artwork of Bonnie Mohr 'speaks for itself.' With a passion for living life to the fullest and a love for the country life that surrounds her, Bonnie’s oil paintings, steeped in rich earthy colors and a charming 'realism style,' are a true reflection of this artist's heart."

She is known as America’s most loved and acclaimed bovine artist. Her art has since matured and developed, from capturing cows and rural, American country scenes to creating and writing poetic, inspirational paintings that tug at your heartstrings and leave you feeling full.

This children's book, "Once There Were No Cows," is dedicated to the dairy farmers of America, of which her husband is one. The book is written specifically for children of dairy farmers and promotes the life they live.

Of course, other children will love it too, as she writes about creation and "how the journey of a lifetime began . . . and why God created the cow."

Pull her up and take a look! . . . .

I had a glorious Saturday morning last week when I was out "fawn hunting." As I left a little before 6 a.m., it was lightly raining with the sun starting to break through the clouds. I saw deer everywhere! Bucks, does and fawn. I was rewarded in my early morning drive to see a doe licking her fawn, before starting to walk around. As I followed them with my eye, three more fawn came into view.

This Mama doe was either babysitting, had adopted, or could she possibly give birth to four! I've seen three a few times, but never four. I got out of the car to see if I could get closer, and she became curious and started walking towards me. Soon the fawn followed. God gave me another wonderful scene to snap!


Wednesday, July 8, 2015


I picked up a new devotion book recently: "Devotions From the Garden," by Miriam Drennan. I've been enjoying the readings each day. I'd like to share a portion of one of the readings with you:


"Ladybirds, ladybeetles, ladybugs--they go by a few different names, these bright, beautiful, quiet little bugs that are among some of your garden's greatest defenders and protectors.

"Think about some of the ladybugs (or gentleman bugs) [my addition] you may know . . . They are women (or men) who quietly protect and provide for their families, friends, church and community. They may not be loud or very vocal, but they busily act in the best interest of the people they care about. These good-hearted, industrial ladybugs (gentlemen bugs) do not wait for someone to tell them what to do or what to think. They consult God and act in accordance with the Holy Spirit's leading. With very little fanfare, and never drawing attention to themselves, they accomplish much in God's garden.

Now because these ladybugs (gentleman bugs) quietly go about their tasks, some of us may overlook these women (men). . . But when we dismiss the ladybugs (gentleman bugs) in our life, we miss out on some beautiful friendships.

". . . think about a lovely ladybug (gentlemen bug) in your life who seems to persevere in the work she is committed to doing. We need these busy ladybugs (gentlemen bugs) protecting us and providing for us. We need to learn from them and follow their example for the good of our family, friends, church, and community."

Who do you know who is a ladybug/gentleman bug? Next time you past them, a smile, hug or comment will make their day! Maybe you're one! Praise God for His care over you.


"The ladybug's a beetle.  It's shaped like a pea.
Its color is a bright red  With lots of spots to see.
Although the name is ladybug  Some ladybugs are men.
So why don't we say "gentleman bug"  Every now and then?"
~Author Unknown

"This lucky little ladybug  has landed here to stay
To make my garden pretty  and keep the weeds away
~Author Unknown

The Ladybug Poem

"Although you are known the world around, you're firmly anchored with feet on the ground-
a noble bug is how they refer to you, yet you don't pretend to be anything more than a ladybug through and through-  a most colorful character well regarded in folklore, whilst other with loftier aspiration may never receive such admiration... indeed, could you ask for more?
no, you don't put on airs as you climb a flower so fair nor for the opinion of others do you even don't stop to think about those that are bigger, faster, or mightier than you-you just continue to climb up that wall and many marvel and say "she is so small..."
but the little ladybug pays no mind-she just does it anyway... a humble little creature of this earth so satisfied with his turf, a divine inspiration "to thine own self be true," oh little bug, how we could all learn from you!"
-Marie Lawrence

I found this fawn Saturday morning and was able to get a snap off!


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I Wouldn't Have Believed You

                                    I spotted this lovely snap one morning recently.

Nope! I wouldn't have believed you if you told me I'd have my own gardens! Who would of known the spring of 2012, the girl who didn't like to play in dirt would be playing in dirt! With four gardens! God must surely be smiling as I walk "In the Garden" with Him!

I'm giong to introduce you to the fourth garden today. It's still in the beginning stages, but it's there. We put up the fence last year to enclose the peonies (to the left inside the gate) and keep them safe from the girls. There's catmint and anemone in front of the peonies for extra colorin he summer. And that's a hanging basket over them.

This spring we planted three hibiscus plants (below) at the front north end of the house and garden. I'm hoping they will grow and bloom into the lovely hibiscus plants as the ones I found in the snap below them.

          I'm pleased with how much this how grown since we planted it in May.
                                     We hope ours looks like this in a few years!  
I put two of the giant zinnias beside the hydrangea. It's so exciting to see them. It's the first time we started plants from seeds. The hydrangea bush doesn't seem to want to grow where it is. We moved it there last year. The zinnias will bloom through the summer. (Yes, I see that grass growing in the hydrangea. I need more energy.) 

The burning bush (far left in picture) and hosta's have been in the ground for several years now. This year they're getting a little more sun because a large tree was cut down in the front yard, but they still seem to be slow in growing.

     Jerry gets credit for the container blooms. He picked them up one day and they look great there!

I haven't decided all that I want to do in this new garden, but for now most of it will only be planned out in my head. I probably won't be doing any more physical work there this year.

Although I haven't been able to do as much as the years before, I'm pleased with my gardens as they continue to grow and blossom! I put a new red wheelbarrow in the first garden to enhance the area where Sam's doghouse use to sit.

I've also planted two different hydrangea bushes in the corner in front of the lattice. I saw them in a friend's yard and just loved them. They have a long blooming time in the summer and will be about 5 feet. That's them below.

After not getting any flowers on the other hydrangea plants last year because of the cold winter, it has some beautiful flowers this year!

My coneflowers in the second garden have finally woke up! They've been in three years now and this is the first year I've gotten lovely flowers. You know what they say about perennials: the first year they sleep; the second year they creep, the third year they leap!

I'm so glad this girl likes to get her hands dirty now! And I now have my very own red wagon to help me as I work! That's me in my grubs with the girls. My hat says: "Older than the dirt in my garden" which my friend, Carol, gave me when I turned 65.

Thanks for taking a tour of my new garden! I think it's time for another walk around.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Crack! Flash! Boom!

          Saw this light post early Saturday morning and thought it lovely surrounded by the flowers!

"Even the winds and the waves obey Him!"  Matthew 8:27b

The heavens were in their glory last Saturday evening! My what a storm!

"If you have never heard the mountains singing, or seen the trees of the field clapping their hands, do not think because of that they don't. Ask God to open your ears so you may hear it and your eyes so you may see it, they do, my friend, they do." McCandlish Phillips

I grew up in Rockville and the thunder and lightening storms there were strong and long! I'd sit in the hallway with my fingers in my ears. I'm not sure why I was afraid of the quick lightening flashes and loud thunder but I was. I've carried that fear all through my life.

It wasn't until I married Jerry and moved to Mt. Airy that things changed. Our lightening and thunder storms were no where near the power they were in Rockville. I was certainly happy about that, but I still put my fingers in my ears.

One day Jerry said, "Why don't you wear one of my ear protectors that I use when I'm shooting?" So I gave it a try and sure enough it did the trick. My fear decreased. I could sit calmly through a storm and almost enjoy it.

I often wonder why I couldn't think to use ear protectors all those years. Isn't that the way it is. You do something for years and all of a sudden you think of a remedy or someone mentions a way to help to make it easier.

 I have a pair in my car so if a storm comes up while I'm driving I can put it on. I have used them several times. It sure helped me to arrive at my destination safe and fairly calm.

I don't think I'll ever be like Jerry who has a CD of thunderstorms to go to sleep by. But I'm thankful those cracks! flashes! and booms! don't scare me anymore!

But . . .

Abby, who is scared of tractors and vacuum cleaners, slept like a baby through the storm. Jo, who is adventurous and not afraid of anything, sat on my lap shaking! All 90 pounds of her!

"I like to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station through which God speaks to us every hour if we will only tune in."  George Washington Carver (c. 1864-1943)